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Custom Acrylic Hair Clips

1. Acetate is an environmentally friendly material extracted from plants-trees,cotton and others green shrubs.Through processing,plant pulp is made into white particles,then used as raw material for hair clip.Acrylic is called polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA),which is synthetic chemically,It was discovered in 1872 and mass production started in 1937.Pros and cons:Acetate-environmentally friendly,it can be still maintain luster over time,high quality,usually used in high-end hair’s the material we are applying to hair clips,Acrylic-low cost,bright color,versatility.the material is more brittle,the production process is easy to break.Many people like it,and it’s also suitable for hair clips.

2. Raw material of acetate is white particles,when we need to change the color,just add natural pigments to get the colors we want,Different colors combinations to get colorful panels.

3. Hair clips are an essential accessory to every girl out there. They make it easy to pull your hair back with minimal effort, and you won’t be left with a ponytail headache. There are multiple options, and choosing the one for your hair can be a difficult task. Luckily, we did our research and have found the best hair clips for women so you can achieve a good hair day every day.

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