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Custom Biodegradable Hair Clips

1. Main ingredients of this material:

▪ PP polypreylene 70%

▪ Plants can be degraded by 15%

▪ Environmentally friendly minerals fill 14%

▪ Disperse mediator 1%

▪ This material can withstand temperature above 130℃

2. we have the wheat straw MSDS report.

3. Sustainable low-carbon and environmental material to protect the nature,improve the environment and alleviate pollution.

4. The material is degradable,the 0.05 mm product is buried in the soil for microbial fermentation, the biodegradable material will degrade after 2 years, and other ingredients will degrade into scraps or fragments.

5. The clips are made of natural wheat straw fiber. Dropping these hair clips on floors should not worry you anymore.They look like new even after years。

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