Spiral Hair Ties Coil Hair Ties Phone Cord Hair Ties Ponytail Hair Coils No Crease

1. The spiral design of telephone cord hair ties spreads the “pressure” of the hair elastic out over a greater surface area of your hair, which helps to minimize the dreaded ponytail bump that hair ties can create on styled hair. Hair headaches from too-tight ponytails are also a thing of the past! Traditional hair ties function by concentrating the tension in a single area of your hair, prevent damage and strand breakage by spreading out the tension

2. Kitsch Hair Coils are an everyday essential and come in a variety of beautiful colors. Whether you are looking to match your hair color, or add a fun pop of color to your top knot, Kitsch has the coils for you. Perfect for blondes, brunettes, redheads and any color in between. Kitsch coils also look great on your wrist. The coils stretch to comfortably wear as a bracelet when not in use, so they are ready for ponytail or messy bun duty at any time.

Product Details

The 4 pack is perfect the perfect set of ponytail holders for any hair color! Kitsch hair coils are gentle on your hair. The smooth plastic, spiral construction helps to prevent tangling and consequently prevents hair breakage when you remove them.

Phone cord hair ties are non-absorbent, so they can be worn while swimming or bathing without that “nasty wet hair tie” feeling, and they can be removed from wet hair much more easily than a traditional ponytail holder. Also, because they do not absorb fluids, Taimeng hair coils are more hygienic than fabric wrapped rubberbands.


Product Parameter

Spiral Hair Ties Coil Hair Ties Phone Cord Hair Ties Ponytail Hair Coils No Crease

item value
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Tai meng
Model Number TM21006002
Product name Phone Cord Hair Ties
Material TPU
Color Brunette, Transparent, Blonde,brown
Feature Durable/Best selling
Size 5.5CM
Packing 4PCS=1SET
Weight 0.02kg
OEM/ODM Customization Service Provided
Sample Availiable

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