Hair clip tutorial, exquisite hair clip embellishment, create a high-end hairstyle

Clipping hair with hair clips can easily create fashionable hairstyles, and it is very changeable.If you have a soft spot for clip hair ​you may wish to take a look at the following hairstyles made with hair clips.

Simple, elegant and feminine, very high-end, if you want to go out quickly, learn these hair clipping tutorials, and you will no longer be depressed because of hairstyles.

Prepare a symmetrical butterfly hair clip, tie a low ponytail, and then clip the low ponytail with a hair clip from bottom to top, and expose the tip of the ponytail for decoration. , dignified and elegant, suitable for mature women around 30 years old.

Prepare a large pearl hair clip, tie a ponytail, comb the other hair strands softly, put the prepared pearl hair clip, and clip the ponytail a little on the left side, a fashionable and graceful ponytail hair style is done, from the side It looks very simple and atmospheric, and it exudes extravagance and beauty.

Double ball hair is suitable for young people. After folding the hair on the back side, it looks like there is slightly less hair in the middle of the hair bud on both sides. Use the prepared double flower hairpin to clamp the middle part. The girl’s double hair buds are done, and the rear side looks very simple and fashionable. This hairstyle can make you several years younger.

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