Hair Clips Vs. Hair Ties, Which is better for thinning hair?

Hair accessories are a good helper for girls to dress up their hair and manage their hair. There are a large number of hair accessories and tools on the market. Some are explicitly designed for dressing up, and some are designed for different hair types. Hair types on the practical side, hair clips, and hair bands are standard hair accessories, so many people like to bring the two to make some comparisons. We also came to this hilarious today. This article will compare hair clips and bands and analyze which hair accessories are more suitable for women with thinning hair.

Hair Ties (hair bands)

Hair ties are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways for people to move their hair away from their faces. This is a simple hair accessory that is very easy to make. Simply gather the hair you want to put up and wrap an elastic hair band around it until you achieve the desired looseness. But did you know that this is also one of the most destructive hair accessories for your hair? Your scalp and hairline are the biggest victims of hair ties. When your hair is pulled back too tightly and too hard, you create hair traction along your temples and hairline. If pulled too roughly or too often, this hair traction can eventually lead to thinning hair. In addition, if a hairband is wrapped too tightly around your hair, the strands will weaken over time. Not to mention that when you remove the hairband, it usually twists and pulls on your hair.

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Hair clips

Hair clips can take care of your hair more gently than other hair accessories. They help prevent severe pulling and breakage when tying your hair into a ponytail or pulling back with a hairband. The popular way of pinning your hair in claw clips helps avoid putting too much pressure on your hair – it gets it off your face without damaging it.

Hair clips vs. Hair ties

So what’s the difference between bobby pins and hair ties? Hair ties are more damaging to the scalp because the hair is pulled back from the roots. Hair clips are softer because your hair is wrapped up instead of stretched. It comes down to whether your hair is taut or gathered. If you get a headache or feel pressure at your temples, it’s a sign that your hair needs a break. Always do what works best for you.

Hair clips and hair types

Those with extra-long hair, curly textured hair, and thick, voluminous hair have expressed some complaints about fragile claw clips. Claw clips of inferior quality are known to eventually lose their elasticity or break when used on thicker, longer hair. Those with textured hair tangled in their curls have expressed aggravation with claw clips.

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How to avoid hair damage with hair clips

To avoid damaging your hair with claw clips, you should consider the quality of some hair clips and keep them in mind.

  • Choose clips with functional springs that will not quickly lose their grip
  • Choose clips that do not have a sharp point on the pliers
  • Your jaw clips should also have smooth and seamless edges
  • Note also that you should not wrap your hair so tightly that you can’t hold the claw clip. If you can’t fit it all in one clip, it’s best to find a more significant or differently-shaped claw clip.
  • Pinning your hair up only when it is dry can also be harmful. Also, avoid using claw clips when the hair is wet (because that is when it is most fragile).

Thinning hair and hair clips

Are hair clips better for your hair if they are on the thinner side? Most likely, yes. Claw clips are a gentler option for your hair if used with care. Those with thinning hair need to be more careful handling it daily. Tight, slick back ponies or comb-like tooth headbands can add to thinning hair when your scalp and hairline are pulled back. If you are suffering from hair loss or want to avoid aggravating thinning hair, consider using claw clips on your other hair accessories.


If you have thinning hair, always use clips over other hair accessories; remember to clip only dry hair, use well-fitting (and good quality) claw clips, and keep your hair delicate when coiling it up, and you should avoid hair breakage. Suppose you are looking for some reliable quality hair clips for reference. In that case, you can find them in our products section. Taimeng Accessories is a professional hair accessories manufacturer, and customers have recognized the quality of our products in several countries.

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