How to wear hair clips look good? These 7 rules can help

Hair clips can add a touch of femininity to every outfit. These hair essentials are back in fashion, radar-especially now that WFH life means we only have to wear them from the waist up! Here’s how to wear them to look gorgeous, not girly.

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Rule 1: Nude Neutral

Choosing the closest neutral to your natural hair color will keep the look subtle. If you have lighter hair, choose a pearl or beige color. Darker hair looks excellent with deeper shades of tortoiseshell and brown.

Rule 2: Keep it simple

Use larger statement clips and think “less is more” for your overall look. Instead of stacking multiple, focus on just one more oversized clip that will make a statement on its own.

Rule 3: Think outside the box

Most of this season’s clips are angular or rectangular. While these are striking, round clips can provide a softer contrasting detail to your hair that is both unique and elegant. Experiment with texture by trying a stylish alternative to gold!

Rule 4: Matching

When wearing clips, you can usually see silver or gold fastening details. Try matching these to the rest of your jewelry to maintain a coherent look. Mixing too many gold and silver accessories will usually distract you. If you want to experiment with this trend, use gold with gold and silver together to keep it streamlined.

Rule 5: Thin Lines

If you want to stack bobby pins for extra impact or have one on either side of your center section, thinner bobby pins are the way to go. Choose thinner, straighter, more understated bobby pins that add an elegant impact without overpowering the rest of your look.

Rule 6: Let it shine

There are many ways to make a statement with hair accessories. But when wearing a bold bobby pin, it’s best to let it be the star of your outfit. Don’t wear competitive statement pieces like large earrings or necklaces. Aim for minimal, understated accessories that complement, rather than compete with, your personalized clips.

Rule 7: Location

The placement of the clip on your head makes a big difference. While the front clip looks great on the runway, it may be too much for everyday use. Try placing your clips in the middle of the back of your head in a half-up, half-down hairstyle, or use them to gently sweep one side of your hair above your ear.

Of course, for hair clips to look good, the way you wear them is essential, but most importantly, the clips’ design should also look good. Taimeng is a professional hair accessories manufacturer. You can find many designs and styles on our website and custom hair accessories. Feel free to contact us.

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