It’s better to change the hair accessories than to change the hairstyle!

Accessories are part of clothing. And among all the accessories, only the headgear

It is a freehand representation of a woman’s entire mood. Even with different occasions, it expresses different meanings and missions, so that those who hesitate to speak become a wisp of imagination swaying in the wind.

Especially in spring, in the atmosphere of the revival of all things, a hair accessory is embellished in the hair intentionally or unintentionally,
It is the most beautiful response to the spring breeze.

since ancient times
Articles on women’s heads are not simple. Bu Yao Hua Tian Yu scratches his head… The headdress is exquisite, and the collar is like a grub.
Under the skies of the past, women’s headgear hides identity and status. Today, although there is not such a clear distinction between classes, hair accessories and beauty are still closely related. Because hair is the first element to attract vision, a good hairstyle can change the lack of face shape, and beautiful hair accessories are like butterflies among flowers, it is the soul of the whole garden.

When I was a child, I liked hair accessories the most. Ribbons, bows, candy-like hair clips… are the main treasures of my childhood treasure chest. The rainbow-like embellishment, the fluffy hair seems to hide the princess dream of all girls. Now we seem to have forgotten the dream in the hair accessories. The hairstyle has been changed countless times, and the hair accessories are always the accessories that are not remembered.

Those hair accessories that hide the girl’s thoughts, the crystal hairpins left in the iron box… are the embellishments that have passed through the years.

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