The earthy hairpin of childhood has become the favorite of fashionable people?

Remember those “two butterflies flying” and colorful earthy hairpins in childhood? I have to say that fashion is a cycle, you never know what will be popular in the next second! The earthy hairpins of childhood have returned, and they are undoubtedly the most popular hairstyles at the moment. From fashion circles, INS celebrities to star circles, everyone has used earthy hairpins to find their girly feeling!

You must not have imagined that after many years, these small earthy hairpins that were once used by us for their stinky smells have begun to return in major shows. They are everywhere in fashion week, and the retro style has been blown from the fashion industry , let the hairpin turn red again

I still remember the popular grandmother pearl hairpins in the first half of the year. Compared with them, the earthy hairpins are younger and livelier, and they are very girly. Definitely a must have fashion item for summer! With the trend of this retro style, female stars have also challenged all kinds of earthy hairpins~

When it comes to the originator of childhood earthy hairpins, it must be our little sister HyunA! HyunA carried a small colored hair clip of “50 cents” and hung up a “Hyunya style”. A single big purple hairpin, with fine bangs, plus the long curly hair, gives a sense of innocent and pitiful cuteness! The colorful hair clips in the shape of small flowers are neatly arranged on one side of the hair, adding a bit of summer vitality!
Some babies feel that their hairstyles are sometimes too monotonous. Several colorful hairpins are stacked together, and the girly feeling is bursting in an instant. These cute hairpins are definitely the hot focus of HyunA’s imitation makeup!

In addition, the simple wearing method is to wear only one or several simple clips side by side to achieve the purpose of concave shape~ Make the hairstyle no longer monotonous, seemingly casual embellishment, chic and inconspicuous, very gentle and elegant!

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