Top 5 hair clip manufacturers 2023

Hair clip is a common hair accessory for girls. It is lightweight and convenient, can help us deal with messy hair quickly and easily, and can also match our clothing style, adding points to the overall look. Because of this convenient and practical feature of hair clips, they can occupy a very good position in the girls’ consumer market for a long time. Many fashion brands targeting the women’s market have put their eyes on hair clips. In addition to some people who want to start their own small business, wholesale hair clips or customizing their brand of hair clips is also a relatively good choice because the cost of hair clips is relatively low, and the demand market is large, is a very good choice to start a business. It is a good choice to start a business. In this article, we will recommend the top 5 hair clip manufacturers in 2023. If you have the idea of a wholesale hair clip or custom hair clip, you can consider them first.

1. Taimeng Hair Accessories

top 5 hair clip manufacturer

Dongguan Taimeng Accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, Taimeng manufactures all kinds of hair accessories, such as ECO plastic hair clips, children’ s-hairclips, hairpins, headbands, barrettes, Acrylic products, and elastics. Fabric hair ornaments, metal hair accessories, etc.

After rapid development, the company has grown from more than 50 people to more than 500 people. Taimeng development department has more than 10 designers to make new items according to your trends. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and GRS certificate, and our company has passed the factory inspection of the world’s large brands and supermarket chains, such as Conair, H&M, BSCI, Goody, Walmart, Dollar General, etc.

2. Dreamwork

top 5 hair clip manufacturer

Dreamwork was established in 1998 and is dedicated to fashion jewelry and accessories with hundreds of workers. After years of development, the annual turnover exceeds 20 million. With excellent design, the right price, excellent service quality, and timely delivery, Dreamwork’s products are supplied to brand stores and retailers worldwide.

3. Good Hair Days

top 5 hair clip manufacturer

Good Hair Days® is a woman-owned family business located in the United States. The company strives to provide the market with high-quality hair accessories. Good Hair Days carries the most extensive assortment of side combs, hair clips, bun pins, and hair ties. Good hair days believes that quality is important and strives to achieve it with a commitment to fast delivery and courteous customer service to earn the trust of every customer.

4. Hongyu Plastic

top 5 hair clip manufacturer

Hongyu Plastic String Factory Co., Limited was established in 2006, specializing in developing and producing cell phone cords, jump ropes, luggage cords, tapes, belts, nylon cords, bandages, nylon, PP, polyester ribbons, cotton cords, etc. They work with companies worldwide, such as those in North and South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

5. Yiyi Hair Accessories

top 5 hair accessories manufacturer

Yiyi Hair Accessories was established in 2014 and is one of China’s best hair accessories suppliers. We have a proven supply chain, production process, and strict quality management.

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