What is a banana hair clip?

A banana clip is a simple hair clip that can pull back hair and hold it in place at the back of the head. Debuting in the 1980s, these stylish barrettes have been the hair accessory of choice for fashionable ladies because they are practical and stylish. In this article, Hair Accessories Manufacturer, Taimeng will share knowledge and tips on using banana hair clips.

no slip banana hair clips

Style of Banana Hair Clips

The main style of banana clip design is to create a loose ponytail. They are a great way to make your ponytail look thicker, fuller, and even longer. Smaller banana clips can also create a half-body look, making the ponytail look thicker. Due to the clip’s length and the teeth’ spacing, the hair is more evenly spaced along the clip, creating a fuller look that is more difficult to achieve using regular hair elastic.

How to use banana clips?

1. Comb all hair into a loose ponytail to the back of your head.

2. Place the open clip under the ponytail with the spring at the bottom.

3. Close the teeth around the bottom of the ponytail.

4. Twist the top locks together.

5. Adjust the hair until you are happy with the look.

6. Finish! To create a half-up style, use the same method but only take the top layer of hair and leave the bottom layer of hair down.

Are banana clips good for short hair?

The short answer is yes. It is best to choose a smaller banana clip for shorter or finer hair, such as our No slip banana hair clip. For fine hair, you will need a clip with teeth that are held close together to hold the hair securely and prevent it from slipping throughout the day.

Shorter bob hairstyles may work best with banana clips to create a half-body look, such as mini banana clips, while shoulder-length hair can be created in a full ponytail.

Are banana clips suitable for thick hair?

Banana clips work on all hair types. Just find the perfect clip for you! For longer or thicker hair, choose a more extended banana clip that can hold more hair, such as a giant banana barrette. Clips with more space between the teeth are best for thicker or curlier hair types because they allow more hair to fit into the clip simultaneously. A good example is our Sustainable Banana Hair Clip.

How do I prevent banana clips from slipping?

The best way to ensure your banana clip doesn’t slip is to choose the clip that best suits the thickness of your hair. As mentioned above, the thicker your hair is, the larger the clip you need, and the wider the spacing between your teeth should be. The more refined your hair, the smaller the clip and the closer the teeth should be. You can also help hold the clips in place by using hairspray or a texturizing spray (such as dry shampoo) on your hair before adding them. This will add grip and help your banana clip hairstyle stay in place longer.

If you cannot hold your hair together while securing the clip, try using a hair elastic to tie your hair into a loose ponytail, then secure the banana clip under the elastic and pull it down to leave your hair in the clip.

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