Wholesale Hair Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re in the hair accessories business, you know that finding the right supplier can make all the difference. Wholesale hair accessories can be a great way to expand your inventory and offer your customers more options. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about wholesale hair accessories, including the benefits of buying wholesale, what to look for in a supplier, and some popular types of hair accessories to consider.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Hair Accessories

One of the most significant benefits of buying wholesale hair accessories is cost savings. Buying in bulk often means lower prices per unit, leading to higher profit margins for your business. Additionally, wholesale suppliers may offer discounts or special deals for larger orders, further reducing your costs.

Another advantage of buying wholesale is that it allows you to expand your inventory quickly. Instead of ordering small quantities of individual items, you can order larger quantities of multiple items at once. This can help you keep up with customer demand and offer a wider selection of products.

wholesale hair accessories

What to Look for in a Wholesale Hair Accessories Supplier

When choosing a wholesale hair accessories supplier, there are several factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Quality: You want to ensure that the hair accessories you’re purchasing are good quality. Look for a supplier with high-quality materials and a good reputation for producing durable products.

Variety: Ideally, your wholesale supplier should offer a wide range of hair accessories. This can include everything from basic clips and barrettes to more intricate designs with beads, jewels, and other embellishments.

Price: Of course, price is a significant factor when buying wholesale. Look for a supplier that offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Minimum order quantity: Some wholesale suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that you must meet to place an order. Make sure the MOQ is reasonable and fits your business’s needs.

Shipping and delivery: Consider the supplier’s shipping and delivery policies. You want to ensure your products arrive on time and in good condition.

Popular Types of Wholesale Hair Accessories

There are many different types of hair accessories to consider when buying wholesale. Here are some popular options:

Hair clips: Hair clips come in various styles and sizes, from small and simple to large and elaborate. They can be made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and fabric.

Barrettes: Barrettes are another popular hair accessory in many designs. They can be simple or ornate, with gems, flowers, or other embellishments.

Headbands: Headbands are versatile accessories that can be worn in various ways. They can be thin or thick, plain or patterned, and made from plastic, fabric, or metal materials.

Hair elastics: Hair elastics, also known as hair ties, are a must-have accessory for anyone with long hair. They come in many colors and styles and can be made from fabric or silicone.

Hairpins: Hairpins are a simple, elegant hair accessory that can secure buns, updos, and other hairstyles. They can be plain or decorated with beads, gems, or other embellishments.


Wholesale hair accessories can be a great way to expand your inventory and offer your customers more options. When choosing a supplier, consider factors like quality, variety, price, minimum order quantity, and shipping and delivery policies. And don’t forget to explore popular hair accessories like hair clips, barrettes, headbands, elastics, and hairpins. With the right supplier and products, you can grow your business and provide customers with high-quality and fashionable hair accessories they will love.

When searching for a wholesale hair accessories supplier, it’s important to research and compare different options. Look for suppliers with a strong reputation and positive reviews from other businesses. You can also ask for referrals from other companies in your industry.

Additionally, attending trade shows and conferences can be a great way to connect with potential suppliers and learn about the latest trends in the hair accessories market. These events allow you to see products in person, meet with suppliers face-to-face, and network with other professionals in your industry.

In conclusion, buying wholesale hair accessories can be a smart business move for those in the hair accessories industry. Finding a reputable supplier can offer your customers a wider range of products at competitive prices. Take the time to research different suppliers and explore popular types of hair accessories to find the best options for your business. With the right products and suppliers, you can grow your business and provide customers with stylish and functional hair accessories they love.

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